Housing Counseling


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EmPOWERment, Inc. is an HUD-Approved housing counseling agency. We work with home buyers and owners at every stage, from potential first-time buyers to those facing hardship and needing education on how to stay in their home.

Clients include:

  • Potential home buyers
  • Home buyers
  • Potential and existing rental tenants of EmPOWERment units
  • Homeowners seeking counseling to meet a housing need, resolve a housing problem, or avoid foreclosure


EmPOWERment, Inc’s housing counselor, Amanda Stancil, is no longer with EmPOWERment. Until EmPOWERment, Inc. finds a replacement, our current housing counseling programs will be unavailable. Please refer to the PDF file  below for other agencies that have available housing counseling programs.

Housing Counseling Referral Suggestions


Our team of counselors includes:

Delores Bailey
Executive Director & Housing Counselor

Laurie Weller
Intake Specialist

Contact  EmPOWERment, Inc. for more information and to set up a meeting to see if our program and resources are a good fit for you.


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